Saturday, August 21, 2010

WEEK 33: 29 miles and back to work...

Miles: 29

Railtrail "with" Greg and Griffin. 5 miles/ 46 min

Kilburn to Pisgah Ridge (last lookout) with Griffin (boy, was she bored!). Ate too big of a lunch, felt like I was going to barf if I tried to work the hills and then worried about losing my lunch out the "other end" when trying to work the downhill...more an exercise in sphincter management than a training run! Oh well, log it...7 miles.

Circuit Madness:  3 circuits of 3 sets and 2 miles TM at end (didn't have time for the running in between cicuits). Log 2.

4 miles my road, beautiful morning.  Right Hamstring is really bothersome right now, just when i am running out of time to go get a massage, dumb that I didn't do that before my summer came to a screeching halt.

Kilburn Loop with Griffin, counter-clockwise, 66 minutes to-from parking lot...BEAUTIFUL fall-like morning...Log 8 miles

Off; first day of 3-a-day sessions at KSC so I wasn't planning on much free time.  I did end up having an hour during the beautiful day where I could have run, but didn't have my stuff (or a locker yet) - I'll be prepared from now on.

Is it Sunday?  Went out with the idea of running Burt Hill, then heard some what sounded like wild dogs so aborted that mission.  Changed to 2 mile warm-up and some hill repeats in front of my house.....did the 2 mile warm-up.  ho-hum.  Ran with a young kitty today though- for about 30 yards it ran right next to me in the road- hilarious. 

AM#2:  3.25 mile run from KSC campus down Baker street and back, in the rain.  Felt good to get out and be active instead of just watching others be active.  Way better intensity than this morning...about 8:30 pace.  Log 3 just to be even.

Week Summary
Overall a blah week.  I knew I should have tried to get higher mileage in because this coming week is going to be ridiculous at work.  Looking forward to running the 23K course, minus the roads, in Pisgah Wednesday morning (don't forget I get Griffin, and maybe even you, Greg!). I feel a little lost in what to do for the Pisgah race and then Baystate as far as training. Will figure it out once my schedule becomes more set. Possible 5K in Concord Sunday?  We'll see, might just want to chill and run at home on my first day off in 13 days.  Either way I will need some chromium replacement.  It's a process...and I love it.

My friend, Karen, with Meb and Bill Rodgers when she was down at the Falmouth race this past weekend...pretty cool!

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