Sunday, August 1, 2010

WEEK 30: 30 miles and Mount Grace

Hike Mt. Grace in warwick, MA with Greg and Griffin. 1.5 hour nap. BEAUTIFUL NON-Humid day.

AM: 4 mile Ashuelot Rd loop, 2 other runners out and about; still feel pretty tight in the hips/hamstring
PM: Same 4-mile loop; felt a little better

AM: Kilburn Loop with Greg, Glenn, and Griffin. Clockwise direction, did real well for 34 minutes and then hit the hill after the Southern tip on the way back up the westside. Lots of scuffing and tripping and just couldn't recover. 58:30 in all. Little swim in Kilburn Pond and felt better for the 7 minute jog back to the parking area. Good workout - Kilburn is good to me. Log 8 miles.
PM: Spin

5 miles/42 minutes on Rail Trail with Greg and Griffin, welcome back humidity.

4 miles hotel treadmill...rough treadmill!

quarter and half-mile pickups at HHS track. Slow, heavy, and tight. Oh well. Log 5 miles.

Off; drove back to NH

Miles: 30
Previous week: 35.5

Not as many miles as I wanted but I did take Monday and Sunday off.  I was just too sore today after standing around all weekend at my high school reunion and then driving today.  Monday Greg, Griffin, and I explored Mount Grace which is near my house.  The trail we hiked went up a pretty steep hill to the tower (which was really cool) and it looks like there may be other trails that would be good for more running.

Also, I had some traveling to do for my 20th high school reunion!  yikes.  It was a lot of fun and I did get a few miles in at home. I am a bit tight and sore from standing around and driving and my face is sore from laughing. 

I don't think any of us look like we graduated high school 20 years ago! 

This next couple weeks are going to be tough.  We are traveling to Maine tomorrow for a couple days and should get some running/hiking in on Mt. Pleasant and Speckled Mtn.  Then I need to focus on getting some long runs in and quality workouts.  I'm still not in a good place with my running right now and going back to work next week isn't going to help my focus.  It's stressing me out already.  At the end of the week I need to sit down and figure out what races I want to focus on. Pisgah 23K and Baystate Half are most definite, but there are so many possibilities!  I will keep plugging along and hope I get that positive feeling back like I had in the spring.  It's a process...and I love it.

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Maine! Our yearly trip up is only a week away - after the wedding. See you then.