Monday, January 9, 2012

WEEK 1: 46 miles and a good start

Monday: Railtrail 7 miles + 5 more with Tat - wheelock/maple loop.  LOG 12
Tuesday: Core + 3 TM. LOG 3
Wed: From KSC to pickup Tat, Wheelock/Maple Loop. LOG 9
Thursday: Lift + 3 TM; LOG 3
Friday: Spin- good class.
Saturday: Winter Chiller #1 with Greg in Peterboro.  24:44/3.3 miles/7:30 pace; LOG 9
Sunday: Surry Dam OAB with Ramona; tired legs- sore hip; LOG 10

Good start to the new year!  Helps that the winter has been kind, but I wouldn't mind seeing some snow- as long as its easily packed to run on!  Didn't do much "speed" work other than the race.  That was a good 9 miles for me.  The race was on a tough course and then I did it in reverse trying not to go too slow.  My warmup was way too fast.  This Winter Chiller series will be good for my training.  Greg won  Ben and Jerry's and promptly gave it away!  Argh!  Got in a nice run in Pisgah this morning and my legs felt good.  So I'll keep adding the miles and try to stay around 45.  It's a process and I love it!

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