Monday, January 2, 2012

WEEK 52: 23 miles

Well this was supposed to be a "low" mileage week...not quite that low.  I got up for the race New Years Eve and it was icy so I didn't make the trip...unfortunately I didn't make up for it either.  I did half of a cardio video then went outside to run a couple miles and finally did after turning around twice to just bag it.  Oh well one of those days and the next day wasn't much better.  I wouldn't say I was hung over but I wasn't 100% when I went to the Milleneum mile with Greg so didn't do much there either.  Looked fun though- maybe next year.  Anyway, here's the week:

Monday: off
Tuesday: Pisgah iwth Grif. Log 7
Wednesday: TM 8x1:45 @ 8.1.  LOG 6
Thursday: Treadmill 1 minute increases from 6-7.5; 4 minutes at 7.5 and then back down with some hill play.  LOG 5
Friday: Core + 2 mile TM. LOG 2
Saturday: 1/2 Cardio Challenge + outside run.  LOG 2.
Sunday: 1 mile running back tot the car with Greg after he ran Milleneum Mile.

2011 Summary. 
I ended up ok with numbers- probably because I had a good last month.  I keep forgetting that I did injure my ankle pretty severly in July and it took a bigger toll on my running than I realized at the time.  It still has it's moments.  Anyway, I ended up with 1283 miles for the year which works out ot average 3.5 miles/day, 107 miles /month, and 24.6 mile per week. 
My 2011 goals were:
1. Half Marathon sub 1:45
2. Pisgah 23K sub 2:20
3. 5K sub 22:00 (7:05 pace)
4. Average 30mi/wk (25mi/wk in 2010)
5. Get to 1000 miles sooner...(2010 wk 38)
6. More races...24 in 2010
7. Keep a better paper log
8. Get tougher!
I pretty much failed to reach any of my 2011 goals.  But I did get married and he still loves me! :) I do keep a better log!  Don't feel like I'm much tougher, but I guess I still have time to work on that. 

So this year I will repeat many of the above goals:
2012 Goals
1. PR at every distance: Sub 1:45 Half Marathon, Pisgah, 5K
2. 1500 year total miles
3. Finish Vermont City Marathon (sub 4 hours)
4. Continue lifting 2x week
5.  Do more fall trail races -like in 2010

The marathon will help me reach the  mileage goals and probably the PR's along the way.  I have a good log and plan going already.  We'll see what happens- gotta stay healthy- gotta get lean.  It's a process and I love it!  Happy New Year!

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  1. It was good to see you guys Friday. 2011 was a great year!