Monday, January 23, 2012

WEEK 3: 35 miles

Monday: 5 easy
Tuesday: Lift + 3 x 7.8mph mile (7:40 pace), struggled; LOG 5
Wednesday: TM hills woorkout; LOG 7
Thursday: TM 2 x 1.5 mile 7:40 pace, .25 recovery jog. LOG 5
Firday: Core + Easy; LOG 4
Saturday: Log 3
Sunday: LOG 5.

Not the week I intended.  Not racing Saturday started the decline in my weekend plans.  Sunday was even worse when I just couldn't decide where I wanted to run because of the snowy roads.  Once I decided and got out there it was frustrating as cars -even if no other cars were coming in the other direction- wouldn't move over and I kept having to basically stop and move into the snow (Rt 12A).  This happened a few times before I got onto the golfcourse road (East Surry) and that road -while traffic was less- was covered and I just didn't feel like struggling for every step of a planned 15 miler.  So I got back around to my car and called it a day...there may have been some balling in frustration when it seemed as if my car opener thingy wasn't going to work- it did after I threw it a few times across the parking lot and into the can see I was not having a good day.  But I've already made up for it today as I did 15 miles INSIDE!  10 on my favorite treadmill (yah, I refuse to jump on the bandwagon and call it a dreadmilll), one on the indoor track, 3 more on a very bouncy treadmill, and the last one on the track = 15 miles.  All right around if not under 9 minute pace- perfect for the marathon.  I love the treadmill and don't care who knows it! :)   I don't plan on doing many more long runs on it- that was a bit brutal, but with so much going on around me and people I know stopping to chat while I run, I was just fine.  Glad to know I can I guess.  Long run done and I am even encouraged- and it's early in marathon training! It's a process and I love it!

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